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We are currently HIRING …


Senior Geopolitical Advisors/ Analysts

(Indo-Pacific Region; Transatlantic Region)

As a private professional geopolitical consulting business, we uphold the values of traditional West; we appreciate the values of rules-based international system; we interpret policies that have international impacts; and we deliver high-quality recommendations that bring unique values to our clients from business communities to research institutions.


To address the rising and fast-evolving geopolitical challenges by major geopolitical players, we are offering high-rewarding part-time (and full-time when appropriate) positions in said regions to fill. Prospective Senior Geopolitical Advisors /Analysts have proven career experience in relevant areas such as government, academia, think tank, finance, commerce, etc., and have personal and in-depth understanding of policymaking and how internal policies have external impacts; and are able to deliver insightful analysis in areas such as politics and economy.


We are currently SEEKING …

Clients in Business, Education, Academia, Policy Studies, etc.

As the world has entered into a new era of fast-evolving geopolitical dynamics that bring forth both unprecedented challenges and unique opportunities, we provide custom tailed, unbiased, and balanced policy recommendations to our clients that both address their current concerns and inspire their future decision-making.

Interested Applicants and Clients Please Contact:

Please Note: Job applicants please contact with your Curriculum Vitae and specify your areas of expertise.

Please Note: Potential Clients please indicate your areas of interests and needs.

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